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Date: October 21st, 2017
DID YOU KNOW? 100% of all proceeds from the walk stay in our community and go directly into programs that support women and their families who have been impacted by breast cancer. We say that’s something to talk about!

Who they are

The Pink Ribbon Place is a program of Riverside Community Health Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

What they do

As Riverside’s first – and only – breast cancer resource center, we provide products, support and resources to all women, men, and their loved ones going (or have been) through breast cancer at no cost.

Why them

Because we improve the quality of life for all those impacted by breast cancer in our community, and 100% of what we raise stays in our community.

Annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend

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Every October, the Foundation sponsors the official national tribute to all firefighters who died in the line of duty during the previous year. Thousands attend the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend. This years event will mark the 36th annual event and take place October 7th - 8th, 2017.

New Families & Returning Survivors

The weekend features special programs for survivors and co-workers, along with public ceremonies. This special Weekend will honor the service and sacrifice of your loved one and the other firefighters being honored this year. New survivors will have the opportunity to meet fire service survivors from across the country, share experiences, make lasting friendships, and begin to look ahead. Through private donations, the Foundation provides lodging and meals for immediate next-of-kin of firefighters being honored and assists with travel expenses. This allows family members to participate in the public tributes, and in Family Day sessions conducted by trained grief counselors. Anyone whose firefighter was previously honored at the National Memorial is also welcome to attend the Memorial Weekend. There are events planned for our returning survivors and many opportunities to volunteer. Returning survivors are the best source of support for family members attending the Memorial Weekend for the first time.

The Fire Service

Members of the fire service make the Memorial Weekend a special time for the families of our fallen heroes. We recognize that firefighters who lose a fellow firefighter in the line of duty are survivors, too. We want you to be part of the weekend activities. You have the opportunity to serve as a Fire Service Escort to the family of your fallen firefighter. Family Escorts represent the fire service family and create a lasting impression. The escorts who have accompanied families to weekend events in the past describe it as an unforgettable experience. Families also tell us how much it means to them to have a member of their loved one’s department escort them during the Weekend. Families arrive at the Memorial and are escorted through a “Sea of Blue” leading to the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. Uniformed fire service personnel line the Walk of Honor® in honor and support of our new families. The Memorial Weekend is a time for sharing and healing for the families of our fallen firefighters. Representatives from Honor Guard and Pipe Band Units participate as part of this solemn tribute and commemoration of your loved ones. Many families have told us how much they appreciate the honor bestowed upon their loved ones at the National Tribute. 36th Annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend information from National Fallen Firefighters Foundation :

A National Tribute to 112 Fire Heroes - 2016

Flags billowed and the distinctive melodies of bagpipes rose toward the skies on brisk October breezes. This was the scene as 112 firefighters who died in the line of duty were officially honored at the 35th Annual National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service in Emmitsburg, Maryland on October 9, 2016. Through music, tribute readings and a display of cherished traditions, the families and friends of these courageous men and women were reassured that they – and their firefighters – would never be forgotten. In his opening remarks, Chief Dennis Compton, Chairman of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) said, “Today, we honor 79 firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2015 – and 33 firefighters who died in previous years. This includes 24 courageous firefighters who battled diseases and lost their lives due to their heroic efforts following the September 11th attacks.” This marks the first time that the Federal Government recognizes deaths attributed to exposures from toxins related to the World Trade Center scene as line-of-duty deaths. Compton promised the survivors that they could expect to be treated with the same compassion, kindness and commitment that are deeply valued by firefighters. He also noted that around the country, fire departments, places of worship, community groups and individuals were also taking time to pay their respects for these heroes. “Firefighters aren’t necessarily comfortable being called a hero – but just the same, that word describes them very well,” Compton said. “Remember that firefighters don’t become heroes because they died in the line of duty. They became heroes the day they signed-up to be a firefighter. And you – the survivors – are their heroes because you supported their desire to serve.” In echoing this sentiment, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate reflected on the respect firefighters evoke from the public and the sympathies expressed nationwide. “You have gone through a loss, but you are not alone. It is a grateful nation that wants to honor today your heroes who are now national heroes,” he said. Chief Compton, Administrator Fugate and U.S. Fire Administrator Chief Ernie Mitchell unveiled the bronze plaque bearing the names of the 112 fallen. The plaque joins others that surround the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial. Survivors received an American flag that had been flown above the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial and the U.S. Capitol Dome. They were also presented a red rose along with a personalized badge bearing the name of their firefighter. As the service concluded and the brisk breezes ushered in a warm autumn day, Chief Compton invited everyone present to return to the Memorial to see the name of their firefighter and reflect on special times. He also assured the survivors that the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation would be there to offer support and comfort at any time – day or night – just as their firefighters had done for others.

Weekend Events at the 2016 Tribute

The Memorial Service is part of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend, hosted by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Relatives and friends of the 112 firefighters honored this year were welcomed by the Foundation during a special dinner on Friday, October 7. On Saturday morning, the survivors met in groups based upon their relationship to the firefighter. They were able to learn about the services offered by the NFFF and talk with others who understand their feelings. During the day they made luminaries, memory boxes, and Christmas ornaments to honor and remember their firefighters. They also recorded memories of their loved ones through the Foundation’s Hero Tributes. On Saturday evening, the families gathered at the Basilica of the National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for the annual Candlelight Service. Fire Service Survivor Carol Liddy, daughter of Richard Liddy who died in 1994, told the history of luminaries then lit a symbolic one. The tradition of the Remembrance Candle was explained by Dennis and Jane Neville, parents of Brian Neville who died in 2008. They, and a group of returning survivors, shared the light from the candle with the new families, symbolizing their connection as fire service survivors. “Just as your firefighter shared a special bond of kinship with their fellow firefighters, you now share a unique bond with other survivors,” Chief Compton explained during his remarks. “We hope you will draw on these new relationships and find strength and encouragement as you continue to navigate this new phase of your life.” Article by National Fallen Firefighters Foundation October 20,2016 (

Wheel Chair Basketball Charity Game

The RFD and Local 1067 have participated with the Community Access Center of Riverside for 13 years in the annual Wheel-Chair Basketball game. Engineer Tim Vanderhorst has worked with the Community Access Center since the inception of the Wheel Chair basketball game 13 years ago. The Community Access Center at provides help to those with disabilities throughout Riverside County.

Retirement Dinner

Retiree meetings and events tend to occurs in April. Below are general guidlines for hosting one of these events.


To continue enhancing relationships with individuals who have retired and those currently in fire service. With continued involvement, support and comradery, our retirees and personnel will reinforce key aspects of the Fire Service – relationships, loyalty, honor, communication, and engagement. Breaking bread is one way to facilitate our aim. So, the Riverside Fire Department and Fire Fighters have recommended a lunch day at the fire stations three times a year (one per shift) for our retirees and day personnel.


There was a profound and impactful response to a message sent out last year to help a retired captain move into an apartment in 14’s area. He and his wife moved back to Riverside to be closer to family since they had both recently experienced some health problems. It took less than 40 minutes to move them into their apartment with all the folks who showed up. He and his family were deeply appreciative, and felt connected once again to his Fire Fighter Family. He was also relieved to meet some of Station 14’s crew who would respond to their new address. In addition to continuing the support for our retirees, the new firefighters would get a chance to learn and hear some of the legacies that resound at RFD and perhaps meet mentors. At various RFD events the number of retirees who participate increases (e.g., for the legacy photos), thus showing a vibrant interest, loyalty, and pride in the Department. There are so many support staff that RFD work with that it is our intent to include them as well in these lunches – as without them, we could not do our jobs well. For instance, many of us do not know the new inspectors or even other inspectors if not assigned to our station. We also do not get a chance to see the shop guys or dispatch personnel unless a problem arises. It would be positive to have more contact with them on a more social level and not just when we have a work related issue. Having these lunches will likely help to reinforce meaningful relationships, honor the retirees, and bridge the gap with staff who may not be on the front line, but are apart of the team.


All retirees, all day staff including administration, prevention, training, EOC personnel, USAR, dispatch, fire maintenance, and RFD chaplains. Also to make sure some special invites go out: widowers and children (i.e., Terans, Botkins, Barrios’, fire buff Jim, etc.). Ultimately, the Chief may also choose to invite other city individuals (e.g., council members, RPD, etc.). All would be welcome.

Dates & times:

Every four months; February, June, and October would be the most appropriate months. The lunches would be held on alternating shifts, giving each shift the opportunity to host a lunch once a year. Time would be from 12:00 to 1:30 lunch and 1:30 to 2:00 clean up. As the coordinator, I would like to include in the announcement a note to respect the 2:00 pm finish time so it will not impact other trainings and routines.

What to serve:

Each station could determine the menu. Some easy lunch suggestions to serve guests for a low cost would be: sandwich & chips; chili & corn bread; grilled cheese & soup; ground beef burritos; and of course spaghetti. Dessert could be optional such as cookies.


It could be a flat fee of $5.00 for anyone who wanted to participate. This would include the on duty staff providing the lunch and anyone who would come to join in. This would be included in the announcement. We could also possibly ask for a minimal amount from the union to help offset any cost. If we asked for the union to cover perhaps $2.00 per on duty person at each station, the small amount of $142.00 would go a long way for moral. Any money left over could be held in a separate fund to help front the money or subsidize the cost for the next lunch.


Most of this could be done by e-mails and or a blog on the RFD website. A volunteer and participant sign up list would be developed and placed in each station for our guests (retirees) to call and ask that they be placed on the sign-up sheet. A deadline to sign-up will be included in all promotional materials. This would allow for an accurate count for food. A flier would be developed to send out to all retirees, RFD members, and any other invitees. Included on the flier would be the details of the lunch: date, time, cost, station numbers to call for sign up, and any other needed details.

Next Steps:

If the request for this activity is approved, I will put the plan in motion and work to have the first lunch in June (ensuring a good day in June is identified, I will check the training schedule for a good day). This would include developing the announcement and sign-up sheet and requesting the donation from the union.Once these are all together, an email can be sent to all RFD with the details, flier and sign-up sheet attached. When all the questions and details are ironed out, I would ask Dave Austin to send out a “Save the Date” flier to the retiree mailing list. Closer to the lunch day, I would have him send another flier out requesting them to call the station they wish to attend and ask that their name be placed on the sign up list by the deadline date. Finally, I would ask for volunteers from B and C shifts to be a contact person for any details that may need to be addressed in the event that I am not available.


These lunches are projected to reinforce positive relationships, loyalty, recognize and build honor, enhance communication, and stimulate engagement of those in the dedicated and robust RFD Family and community.

Photos from April 2017 Dinner

Water Polo Charity Game

California Firefighters Memorial

Fire foundation

Event takes place in Sacramento during the month of September.

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