Presidents Message

The Riverside City Firefighters Association is comprised of the active safety members of the City of Riverside Fire Department that are on duty 24 hours a day responding to emergencies and fires. Formed in 1926, the RCFA has been committed to not only serving the members of the association and their families, but also the community at large. Riverside Firefighters actively participate in fire safety and community programs supporting the entire Riverside community.

I have the honor and privilege to serve as the President of the RCFA since May of 2023, after the passing of President Tim Strack. President Strack served our members, the fire service, the labor movement and our community for 21 years and we strive to carry on his legacy. We remain committed in moving the RCFA to a new level of activism and service. Our members have continued to work collectively for the fire service not only in the City of Riverside, but both on the state and national stage. We continuously fight for the members and their families for fair wages and benefits, adequate staffing levels, and state of the art equipment allows our members to be the most qualified to serve.

Continuing partnerships with the Mayor and City Council, City Administration and Fire Department Administration has positioned the RCFA’s to work collaboratively to continue to build the best fire and emergency medical system possible. Expanding outside the city, the RCFA partners with members of the legislature both on the state and national level to bring grants and other resources to Riverside. The RCFA is always looking to expand as opportunities for collaboration present themselves.

Please see the many great programs that the members of the RCFA are involved in. The RCFA has, and always will have its commitment to assuring the City of Riverside has the best public safety system in California.


Mike Detoy

Mike Detoy, President of Riverside City Firefighters Association
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